因 PEL2009 研討會無收取註冊費用,煩請停車者自行付費,尚請見諒。
1. 憑票卡至地下一樓機器處計算停車時數並付費(本校停車場收費方式為:每小時30元)。
2. 若需停車整天者,可於工作人員處換取黃色票卡並收取費用100元。

PEL2009 Conference 感謝各位與會貴賓的支持與合作。

為響應政府環保政策並提倡環保概念,本會於會場並未提供紙杯,敬請各位與會人士自備環保杯或水壺,環保盡一份心力。PEL2009 Conference 感謝各位與會人士的體諒與配合。


會議當日欲開車前來之與會人士,請先下載 停車憑證 並以A4格式雙面列印,於停車場入口警衛室出示憑證以便進入會場地下停車場 (請參閱 PEL2009 會議地下停車場相關位置圖)

No registration fee required for PEL2009 Conference. PEL2009 Program Book is now avaiable at PEL2009 Program.

The detailed schedule for PEL2009 conference is now available online at PEL2009 Program.

For your attendance at PEL2009 Conference, please fill out the Attendee Registration Form by each attendee and guest.


Currently accepted papers

Chai-Ching Sing,  Huang-Yao Hong
Facilitating Belief Change among In-service Teachers and Teacher-Education Students through Knowledge-building Community
Ruey-Yun Horng, Po-Hui Lu,  Chia-Ning Liao
Epistemological Differences between Science and Technology: Evidences from Argument Analysis
Jung-Hua Yeh
Museum Science Teaching: Museum Science Educators’ Personal Epistemology and The Learning Experiences They Created for Visitors
Hung-Yuan Wang
The Explorations of the Elementary School Students’ Conceptions of Learning: a drawing test analysis
Feng-Ming Lin
Personal and Social Epistemologies of Information Credibility
Hsin-Chung Ting
Technical College Students’ Learning Experience and Motivation about School Science and Life Science
Yu-Hui Chang
Effects of Computer-Supported Collaborative Knowledge Building on College Students’ views on Science and Science Teaching
Chia-Jung Wu
College Students Constructing Their Community Knowledge in a Computer-Supported Knowledge Building Environment
Li-Chu Sung 
Experienced College Instructors’ Personal Epistemology in Teaching Social Studies and their Perception of Using Technology
Angel Wong Kit Yi,  Eric Lo Siu Chung
Teacher as an authority in knowledge among Chinese Students: A cultural interpretation and developmental change
Chai-Ching Sing
The change in Singaporean pre-service teachers' epistemological beliefs
Feng Deng, Ching-Sing Chai,  Der-Thanq Chen
How Chinese High School Students Construct their Meanings of Nature of Science: From the Discursive Resources Perspective
Ying-Tien Wu
The effects of different instructional strategies on high school students’ on-line searching outcomes and conceptual learning outcomes: The role of epistemological beliefs
Yi-Chun Lin, Jyh-Chong Liang
The relationships between epistemological beliefs in biology and approaches to learning biology among biology-majored university students in Taiwan
Silvia Wen-Yu Lee
Is Physics more certain and coherent than Biology? A comparison of students' domain specific epistemological beliefs
Meng-Jung Tsai, Fang-Ying Yang, Chin-Chung Tsai
High school students’ online search for solving well-structured scientific problems: Predicting achievements by scientific epistemological views and online information searching strategies
Yu-Hsin Chen, Meng-Jung Tsai, Fang-Ying Yang
University students’ scientific epistemological views and online information searching strategies in solving ill-structured scientific problems via online search


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劉佩雲  李秀娟
邱玉婷   周嘉宜   劉嘉茹
蔡執仲   段曉林



CALL FOR PAPERS!! Personal Epistemology and Learning (PEL) conference ,National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan, 16- 17, December, 2009